About us

Who are we?

We are a team of people who in 2019 created a company with a very clear objective: to share not only our professional experience in different fields, but also as travelers and passionate about different cultures. Our obsession was and will be to add value to our guests. That they always remember us associated with a great experience.

Our history

Since 2019 an illusion come true and growing every day.




During 2020, a globally historic time, we focused on the comprehensive renovation of the Campalans and Progrés buildings. Both started welcoming our first guests during 2020. In 2021 we added the Rosich building to the family. With all the experience already acquired and with even more enthusiasm, we design and equip each apartment, always focused on functionality without losing every detail that make the stay a unique experience.

We love technology applied to our company. We have incorporated such technology not only to the infrastructure of the buildings but also to our processes. That is why our customer service is also different from the conventional, although we are frequently in the apartments, our physical presence is not necessary for guests to access or leave their apartments, this flexibility in physical contact sets us apart.

We get to know each of our guests before they land in the city. We use technology to get closer to our clients and help them make their stay simple but memorable at the same time. An increasingly difficult challenge in these times of distraction and immediacy.

The result of our business model is the achievement of important public recognition by large international platforms of tourist apartment rental agencies such as Airbnb, Booking.com or Google Hotels among others. But the fuel of our company are the experiences of each guest, each company that we host their teams, regardless of the channel through which they have known us.


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